After only a few pages, Julia's words were taking root in my heart and drawing me in to listen to Father's heart. There are so many preconceived notions and assumptions that must be laid down… I highly recommend you get this book and be willing to listen to Father's voice here in His story about Him establishing His presence here in this world for us to see and know. - David "I liked the book. At times I couldn't pull myself away. I am very familiar with the story - however, I have never seen it in this light. I have never read anything like this. Ms. Blum is blowing a very important trumpet here. She is making a sound that is totally new for most of us, but conveying a very important message, nonetheless." - Nelson "Do you want to be challenged and inspired to dig deeper into these so familiar stories we have read for years? Are you interested in being presented with a different way of viewing the people in them? Then this book is excellent. It is written in a very easy style to read yet is full of deeper thought. It opens up a new world of understanding Scripture and pushing out the boundaries of the interpretations we have accepted over the years. Highly recommended." - Ruth One of the most profound books I have ever read. Julia Blum offers a unique and penetrating look into the meaning of suffering and redemption that I've read nowhere else. The revelation she has received is mind-boggling and her ability to translate what God has shown her into a readable, understandable and thought-provoking book is amazing. Every Jew and every Christian should read this book and ponder its truths. Just amazing! I highly recommend it." - Leah In this intensely engaging book, Julia Blum takes us on a journey into the heart of God and his love for the Jewish people, through a penetrating look into familiar Bible narratives, including Job, Joseph and Lazarus. Julia gives us insights into how to comprehend God’s undying love for the Jewish people, in the light of the monumental suffering they have endured over the centuries. Why has He been silent when such persecution, slander and suffering have been heaped upon his own people?... I believe every Christian needs to read this book so we can begin to understand the heart of God for Israel – especially in the days in which we live. I cannot recommend it highly enough. - Dorothy A wonderful story with universal truths. We are never alone! The One, the only One, sees all, knows all, and cares for all. - Gustavo